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Meet Your Local Arcade, At Zoltar's Arcade!


We are an Old School Arcade just like the ones you used to frequent in the 80's and early 90's. No ticket redemption here, just good old fashioned arcade fun! Come Play Classics with a few Obscure & Newer titles mixed in. We are adding new games to lineup when we can so check back for Updates! 

Currently the Arcade has 23 Arcades and 5 Pinball machines. See our current list of games below.

Games List:

Light Gun Games

- Lethal Enforcers 2

- Lord of Gun

- Star Trek Voyager

- Operation Wolf

Redemption Games

- Skill Crane

- Sports Arena

- Skittle Ball

Arcade Games

- Pac-Man

- Mr. Do!

- Centipede

- 1942

- Donkey Kong Junior

- Crazy Kong

- Blasteroids

- Strata Bowling

- Sea Wolf

- Off Road Challenge 

- Neo Geo (Nightmare in the Dark)

- Neo Geo (Samurai Shodown)

- Marvel vs Capcom

- Golden Axe

- Double Dragon 2

- NFL Blitz

Pinball Machines

- Star Wars Pro (Stern)

- Stranger Things Pro (Stern)

- Godzilla Premium (Stern)

- Legends of Valhalla Deluxe (American Pinball)

- Middle Earth (Atari)

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